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coins of cryptocurrency Introduction to Cryptocurrency Summer 2022 Online is a Course

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Summer 2022 Online

Time limit: 28 days

Spots remaining: 11

$150 Enroll

Full course description

Introduction to Cryptocurrency (Online)                                            

What’s all the excitement about cryptocurrency? Terms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, digital wallets, NFTs and exchanges are becoming part of our daily language.  This is your opportunity to explore just what digital currency is, the background of how it came to be, the technology that drives it, how and where it is used, its impact on the economy, and investing and trading.  


After completion, you will understand what decentralized digital currencies are. You will also be introduced to the core principles that guide the operation of these currencies and be presented with numerous examples of just how cryptocurrency is used in practice.

When:               May 14 - June 11, 2022                                                     Duration:          Four weeks

 Price: $ 150                                                                                        Instructor: Kathy Bertone