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Pro Tools 110 Pro Tools 110 is a Course

Pro Tools 110

Time limit: 18 days

Spots remaining: 7

$1,599 Enroll

Full course description

Go to the next level of Pro Tools learning with a Grammy –award winning engineer and seasoned professor in a condensed format. Each student will have 24 a day/ 7 day a week NVU Lyndon Digital Audio Workstation Lab for the duration of the boot camp with exception of other scheduled classes. Upon completion of these two foundational courses, participants are eligible to complete the Avid Certified User for Pro Tools exam to earn certification.  Northern Vermont University is an officially Licensed Avid Learning Partner offering Pro Tools Training and Certification.

Successful completion of Pro Tools 101 required in order to register for Pro Tools 110.

Pro Tools 110  starts online on September 15. There are two in- person classes from 9am to 4pm on September 26 and October 3 at NVU -Lyndon.

Price:    $ 1599/ class or both Pro Tools 101 and 110 for $2999. See Pro Tools Program for more details.