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Retail-Focused Digital Marketing Spring 2021 is a Course

Retail-Focused Digital Marketing Spring 2021

Time limit: 4 days

Spots remaining: 10

$169 Enroll

Full course description

This course caters to retail market-focused businesses, entrepreneurs and businesses with a special focus on technology, social media, brand messaging and customer profiles that can impact your business. With the right training, you can develop the social media expertise to enhance your brand image, improve your marketing message and drive your success. For practical application learning, we ask that you bring an existing business challenge to analyze and utilize in the course curriculum.

What you’ll learn

            Build out a social SEO-based strategy

            How to develop a social media shop style/strategy and why

            Key elements to focus on to improve your presence

            How to safeguard your brand reputation and reinforce your message

            How to utilize social outlets: FB Marketplace & Instagram Store

            How to design Etsy & Shopify sites

            How Poshmark taps a youth-driven sector

            Easy-to-remember tips you can rely on 


When: Tuesdays, February 9 to March 2, 2021 from 5:30-6:30pm Duration:  4 hours

Price:    $ 169                                                           Instructors:        Tim and Betty Egan