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Understanding Well-Being is a Course

Understanding Well-Being

Time limit: 42 days

Spots remaining: 8

$149 Enroll

Full course description

 Even in challenging times humans have always found ways to employ their psychological resources to not merely survive but to thrive and flourish. During the Understanding Wellbeing class we will do a deep dive into the the science of wellbeing to understand what science has taught about what constitutes a pleasurable life, a good life and a meaningful life.   This course will focus on individual, inter-personal and institutional wellbeing and will explore frameworks for wellbeing that have been developed over the last few decades.  In addition to looking at the research behind such topics as character strengths, positive emotions, meaning, relationships, compassion vs. empathy and mattering, students will have the opportunity to engage in weekly positive interventions that will help them understand how to apply  the science of wellbeing to their everyday lives.  

Topics to be covered include

  • Positive Psychology vs. Self-Help - What’s the difference
  • The case for wellbeing  
  • Physical Wellbeing - A neck-up and neck down approach to thriving
  • Subjective wellbeing- pleasurable life vs the good life
  • Strength based approaches for self, homes, schools and work
  • Self and others - relationships, meaning
  • Compassion, meaning, mattering
  • What about happiness?

When:                Online class from noon to 1pm on Wednesdays from October 7 to November 11, 2020  


                                                                     Instructor:               Amy Rosenthal