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Project Management Bonus Pack is a Program

Project Management Bonus Pack

Time limit: 70 days

Spots remaining: 10

$999 Enroll

Full program description

Two information- packed project management classes taught by a 20 year project management veteran to make your team more efficient and effective. 

Project Management Fundamentals (23 hours)                                  

Project management opportunities are around us all the time and in all market sectors. On the surface they may not seem like projects but if you look at what makes up the definition of a project you will see that there are always a lot of projects going on at the same time. Complex assignments require a clear objective, good communication, thoughtful planning, and responsible leadership. This training offers tactics to manage resources and time effectively, keep the budget under control, and provides methods for trouble shooting to solve common problems.


Weekly half hour conference call included.

 When:                October 3 to November 20, 2020                              Duration:           Six weeks


Anticipated time commitment: 4-6 hours/ week

 Instructor: Kathy Bertone

Agile Project Management (16 hours)                                                                                


Today organizations are scrambling to become lean and agile for meeting changing customer needs and expectations, and for efficiently producing high-quality products, services, and solutions. This need to be nimble and cost-effective is intensified further by growing global competition, continuous innovation in technology, and by incredibly short time-to-market requirements. Like any change, the transition to agile is hard and requires not only organizational and personal commitment but also people with knowledge and experience in agile methodologies.

A weekly half hour coaching session is offered to all class participants in the form of a conference call.

 When:                November 21 - December 19, 2020                                                           Duration:           Four weeks

Anticipated time commitment: 4-6 hours/ week

Instructor: Kathy Bertone